why we need sponsors
According to new estimates from the US Census Bureau, one quarter of all children in Los Angeles live in poverty. This makes attaining basic needs difficult for the 42% of Los Angeles families living at or below the poverty line. Additionally, our homeless youth count in Los Angeles stands at approximately 3,615 as of the 2016 Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority’s count. The Princess Project Los Angeles recognizes we cannot fix all the issues that come with poverty and homelessness amongst our youth. Our goal is to give them one night to be a typical teenager by alleviating some if not all of the expense of prom. We want to provide this rite of passage to as many of our teens in Los Angeles as possible.

To achieve this, The Princess Project Los Angeles is 100% volunteer, community, sponsor and donor-run. Therefore, every item, goods, service or cash donation The Princess Project Los Angeles receives goes directly towards our formal wear inventory, our public giveaways and our special programs. These giveaways and special programs directly benefit the teens of Los Angeles who would not otherwise be able to attend prom due to financial need or hardship. Sponsoring and/or providing cash donations to The Princess Project Los Angeles means we can meet our goals as well as support organizations like the California Miss Amazing Pageant and Violence Intervention Program by providing prom packages and even throw proms at My Friend’s Place and support Young People Creating Change‘s LGBTQ+ prom.

Our sponsors range from dry cleaners to public relations firms, from designers to retailers, from professional celebrity stylists to hair salons, from coffee shops to event management companies. And all of these sponsors help us meet our goals. We are so grateful to have people in our community supporting our mission and championing our goals. And to meet the needs of our greater LA community we need all the help we can get. Please consider becoming a The Princess Project Los Angeles sponsor and/or donor today!

We also believe in giving back to our sponsors. Please click here to read about the benefits of becoming a The Princess Project Los Angeles sponsor or donor. If you have questions, please contact us at (818) 588-4470 or via our contact form.